How to install papirus icon theme on fedora

Papirus is a beautiful flat icon theme for Unity, Gnome, Pantheon, Cinnamon and XFCE .In this tutorial we will show you how to install papirus icon theme on fedora. Step 1: Run the following script in terminal wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/papirus-icon-theme-gtk/master/install-papirus-home.sh | bash Step 2: Install gnome tweak tool (skip to step Read more…

By shyam jos, ago

Simple HTML email alert template for Icinga 2

I have created a very simple HTML email alert Template for Icinga 2 to replace the default boring text based email alert.This template can be easily installed by replacing existing alert scripts inside /etc/icinga2/scripts. Update: I have replaced mail command with mutt due to incompatibility of options among different linux distributions. Read more…

By shyam jos, ago