Follow below steps to configure genymotion with burp proxy.

Genymotion uses special private ip address for  localhost

Open genymotion and start virtual android device

Goto settings in android virtual device

Then select WiFi settings

genymotion wifi

click and hold on WiredSSID

click on modify network

Change proxy settings to manual

set proxy hostname as

proxy port as 8080

click save

Open browser in android virtual device

then open the url http://burp (make sure burp proxy is running )
genymotion ca cert
now click on ca certificate menu

goto file manager -> downloads and rename the certificate.der file to certificate.cer

now goto settings -> security  -> install from sd card

android will automatically detect the new certificate

geny motion cerificate proxy
Click ok to save the certificate

Now you have successfully configured genymotion with burp proxy

shyam jos

My name is Shyam Jos, I am a passionate Linux system administrator from Kochi, India. I am a strong advocate of using Linux and Open-Source software.


thu thua lap trinh · June 13, 2019 at 9:46 PM

thank admin

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