Recently i have noticed a strange issue with my Nokia asha 501 when i try to copy files from ubuntu the files becomes corrupted  and unreadable.this is a Linux specific issue but works fine in windows.after lots of research i have found a solution (also works with other nokia asha models also).

Run this command in terminal:  lsusb | grep ‘Nokia’

copy the line starts with “ID:4253333333”

ubuntu terminal

open terminal and run this command:  sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/usb-storage-devices.conf
add the following content to gedit:    options usb-storage quirks=xxxx:xxxx:m
Now replace the XXXX:XXXXX with the id you copied  earlier (eg : options usb-storage quirks=0421:068:m)
Save the file  and close gedit.

Disconnect the phone from usb cable

Restart the pc or run this command in terminal  sudo rmmod usb-storage

Connect the device in mass storage mode again , now you can copy files without any issue .

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shyam jos

My name is Shyam Jos, I am a passionate Linux system administrator from Kochi, India. I am a strong advocate of using Linux and Open-Source software.


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